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In addition to our huge inventory of new and retread tires, Huber Tire offers a full range of fleet management services to help keep your fleet rolling safely and efficiently.

Fleet Inspections

Improve your overall fleet efficiency by letting Huber Tire perform regular fleet inspections.  Our tire experts can identify tire and wheel issues while your vehicles are in your motor pool.  We can log deficiencies and provide reports to your maintenance team, or have our onsite technicians remedy deficiencies as they are found.  Benefits include:

  • Improved Safety – Deficiencies are caught before becoming critical.
  • Better Efficiency – Your staff mechanics can focus on engine and drivetrain issues.
  • Predictable Downtime – Problems are fixed during scheduled downtime, not on the roadside.
  • Cost Savings – Keeping tires healthy improves fuel efficiency, and reduces the need for expensive roadside service calls.

Mounted Tire Programs

In addition to regular inspections, Huber Tire can develop a Mounted Tire Program to your exact fleet specifications, so you can be sure that we will always have tires ready for quick replacement, right when you need them.


To truly maximize the profitability of your fleet, let Huber Tire incorporate Retreading into a custom Fleet Management program.  We will handle the logistics, and your tires will be retreaded at our partner facility, Best-One Retreading of Louisville, using the trusted Bridgestone Bandag process.  See our Retreading page for more details.

Wheel Reconditioning

As part of our total Fleet Management solution, Huber Tire can recondition dirty, rusty wheels, and improve the overall safety and appearance of your fleet.  See our Wheel Reconditioning page for additional details.

Trailer Repair

In addition to tire and wheel maintenance, Huber Tire can also offer Trailer Repair services to our Fleet Management customers.  Our expert mechanics can repair trailer doors, panels, lights, landing gear, and much more.  See our Trailer Repair page for more information.

Superb Service

We know that our services are only as good as the people who perform them, and our goal is to be the best.  When you select a Fleet Management program with Huber Tire, you will be assigned to one of our experienced and friendly Account Managers who will take care of all of your tire service needs, so you don’t have to negotiate a maze of phone numbers and contacts.  Let us manage the details, so you can manage your business.

Call Today

No matter if your fleet is one truck or one-thousand, Huber Tire can customize a Fleet Management program that will work for you.  Call us today, and we’ll get you started on the right track.