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TIA LogoHuber Tire has been servicing commercial tires for more than 75 years.  Our tire technicians are certified by the independent Tire Industry Association, and undergo continuous training and certification.  More importantly, everyone on the Huber Tire team is dedicated to providing the exceptional service that our customers have come to expect.

Flat Repair

Most flats caused by tire penetrations can be safely and reliably repaired.  However, if not repaired correctly, the resulting damage can prevent a tire from being retreaded, or worse, cause an unpredictable and dangerous tire failure.  At Huber Tire, tire penetrations are closely examined by experienced tire technicians to determine the extent of damage.  All mendable tire penetrations are repaired using the Plug & Patch method.  This method involves installing a plug that prevents water and moisture from getting into the steel belt package.  A patch is then placed inside the penetration site to allow the tire to maintain air pressure.  This two-step process is superior to patch-only methods that may be used by less reputable dealers.   Tire penetrations that are deemed too large for Plug & Patch repair can be sent to Huber Tire’s retreading facility for a Section Repair.

Balancing and Mounting

Proper balancing and mounting improve the ride and extend the life of your tires.  At Huber Tire, every tire installed in our facility is balanced using state-of-the-art electronic balancing equipment.  Each tire is inflated and mounted to exact manufacturer specifications.  Where recommended, lugs are hand-torqued to ensure safe and secure operation.  For emergency roadside installation, Huber Tire technicians can install Equal Balancing Powder or Tech Plus Balancing Compound to give your tires the balance they need when electronic balancing is not an option.

A Complete Line of Services

Huber Tire also offers a full line of Fleet Management services, with programs that can be customized to meet your needs.

  • Mounted Wheel Programs
  • Fleet Inspections
  • Tire Rotation Services
  • Retreading
  • Wheel Reconditioning
  • Trailer Repair
  • Flexible Payment Options

Call today to find out how our comprehensive commercial tire service programs can keep your vehicles operating at peak efficiency.